Sunday, July 14

Kabasaran ne Tou Rinembok


Foto: Youdy Mamahani
Sanggar Seni Tou Rinembok

Sumber Teks: Tarian Kabasaran, INDONESIA Kaya

KABASARAN is a traditional Minahasan war dance from North Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is performed by several men clad in red costumes, wielding a sword with a shield or a spear. The dancers are called Kawasalan, which implies imitating like a pair of fighter cocks. The word Kabasaran is derived from kawasalan.

The dancers work daily as farmers and guards of the Minahasan villages, but serve as Waraney (warriors) if the village is attacked. According to Minahasan custom, the weapons and status of Waraney is hereditary. The Kabasaran dance is performed exclusively by men of Waranei lineage. (*)